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Alexandrian Sujook

The ingredients : Baladi sausage - colored pepper

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Beef Hawawshi

The ingredients : Baladi bread - minced meat - on

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Beef Kobeba

The ingredients : Bulgur - minced meat - onions -

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Beef Pastries

the ingredients : Flour - olive oil - minced meat

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Beef Quesadilla

The ingredients : Mexican tortilla bread - minced

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Beef Shawarma

The ingredients : Syrian bread - meat slices - pa

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Blue Cheese Balls With Walnuts

The ingredients : Kiri cheese - roquefort cheese

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Cheesy Chicken Tortellini

The ingredients : Filling: chicken breasts - garl

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Cherry Jam

the ingredients : Sugar - natural cherry - lemon

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Chicken Breasts with Lemon Safflower

The ingredients : Boneless breasts - mustard - ga

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Chicken Cordon Bleu

The ingredients : Boneless breasts - cheese slice

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Chicken Musakhan

The ingredients : Iraqi bread - chicken - sumac -

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Chicken Nuggets

The ingredients : Minced chicken - chicken spices

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Chicken Pane

The ingredients : Boneless breasts - chicken spic

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