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Millions Gourmet  is one of Egypt’s premier Catering and frozen Food  Offering a variety of High Quality Food


Our Products is Phenomenal, its special marinated ingredients are packed and vacuumed with its sauces & spices. totally healthy natural premium ingredients with no added artificial colors, flavors, or any preservatives.


and our selections of food provided are based on quality, variety, pricing, hygiene, and ability to deliver to balance the daily life needs.


The reason behind our success is Offering a variety of High-Quality Food, reaching the highest standards satisfying your taste buds

Our serve just for you


Clean and Safe

With our high standards, We strive to be a highly trusted brand regarding food hygiene

Easy to order

Looking to try something delicious?
Pick & Enjoy the most delicious frozen food with different tastes

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You cannot resist it!
Pick your favorite meals and enjoy express delivery

Suitable for all times!

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With a varied menu of the most delicious meals – Dressings – Pickles – Jams and Egyptian and Levantine foods

Millions of Gourmet offers exceptional products..their special ingredients are prepared with special spices and sauces of the finest quality

Completely healthy without any colors or preservatives


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